‘Meakin’ – A Victorian/Edwardian Butler: ‘Meakin’ is the Butler in a large house during the late Victorian and early Edwardian period. He is charged with managing the household and attending to the many needs of his Master and the numerous ‘house guests. The sole of discretion, he is a professional (having been in ‘Service’ his entire life) who performs his duties in a calm and unhurried manner. In addition to managing an extensive ‘below stairs’ workforce, he oversees the management of the wine cellar, the cleaning and safe custody of the dining silver, the ironing of newspapers, the polishing of loose change, and the blacking of boots!

The presentation, which is supported by a range of items appropriate to ‘Meakin’s’ role and station in life, is suitable for an interior location, particularly the domestic officers or public rooms of a Victorian or Edwardian house. The presentation may be specifically themed to address the employment of children as servants for which ‘props’ and items of equipment are available for child visitors to experience. Additionally, a Christmas themed presentation is offered: ‘The Traditions of Christmas’.