King Henry VIII

‘King Henry VIII’ – Undoubtedly our country’s most colourful monarch! The King, aged in his early 50s, appears in the most splendid bejewelled and golden costume; a near replica of the famous Holbein portrait.

This portrayal of the ‘King’, in the later years of his life, is based upon the most detailed research. The ‘King’ recounts his life, telling of his wives, children, and the events of his long reign, in a most forceful fashion. He is ill and is greatly pained by his badly infected leg and, although recently married to his sixth wife, he appears an angry and vengeful man. This is a highly acclaimed and powerful presentation that is offered in the form of an ‘audience’ with the ‘King’, during the course of which, the public may question and ‘petition’ their Monarch. This presentation, which is suitable for both an interior and exterior location (providing there is cover in the event of rain), may be adapted to meet any site-specific requirements; it is also offered to schools in relation to the Key Stage 2 syllabus.