Characters Representing The Stuart Period

Robert Smee: Barber-Surgeon 

‘Smee’, an itinerant Barber-Surgeon, travels from town to town, erecting his booth at markets and at fairs, offering his various ‘services’ to the general public; shaving, cutting hair, the drawing of teeth, and the letting of blood, are his more usual practices. He is also able to undertake amputations, attend to battlefield wounds, as well as a myriad of other surgical procedures!

‘Smee’ contrasts his lowly position with that of ‘Doctors of Physic’ and Apothecaries who, often working in partnership, rarely wish to be associated with Surgeons!

This presentation, which is supported by an extensive range of surgical instruments, tools, equipment, and period furniture, is suitable for both an interior and an exterior setting.

Please Note: the presentation, by change in costume and ‘props’, may be adapted to portray a Surgeon in the 18th century/Georgian period.


Edward Dun: Executioner

‘Dun’, who was the Executioner for London during the mid to late 17th century, recounts the nature of crime and punishment during the time of the Stuarts. The presentation may be specifically themed to address the execution of the Gunpowder Plotters (1605), the execution of King Charles I (1649), the death of the Regicides (1662), and the aftermath of the Monmouth Rebellion and the ‘Bloody Assizes’ (1685).

The presentation, which may also be styled to address issues relating to ‘Highwaymen’ in the post civil-war period, is suitable for an exterior location and is complemented by 12’ gallows (complete with ‘body’!), a pillory, and an array of period accurate items and equipment.