William Knight

‘William Knight’ – a crewman on a Slave Ship: ‘Knight’ has been involved in the Slave Trade for many years, crossing and re-crossing the Atlantic Ocean on numerous occasions; in the furtherance of the ‘triangular trade’. He recounts the horrors of slavery, of the appalling conditions on board ship, and the manner in which men, women, and children were seized, treated as ‘property’, and sold into a life of unbelievable hardship. Now, however, ‘Knight’ is an ‘abolitionist’ who speaks out against the brutality of slavery and who seeks to inform the wider public of the need to end this shameful trade.

The presentation, which is suitable for both an interior and an exterior setting (particularly one with a maritime link), is supported by a range of slavery related items. The presentation is also offered in schools in relation to the Key Stage 2 syllabus.