Thomas Turlis

‘Thomas Turlis’ – Hangman: ‘Turlis’, who was the Hangman at Tyburn during the 18th century, is equipped with gallows, ropes, and all the tools of his gruesome trade, He recounts the nature of crime and punishment in the Georgian and Regency period, the time of the ‘Bloody Code’, a body of law that set death as the sentence for in excess of 200 offences!

This presentation, which may be styled to address ‘Highwayman’ and ‘Piracy’ themes, is suitable for an exterior setting and is complemented by 12’ high gallows (complete with body!) and associated items. As well as being appropriate for a venue with a crime and punishment connection, it would similarly compliment a historically themed street festival, historic market etc. Costume is for the period 1770 – 1820.