Mr Adams

‘Mr Adams’ – the Butler in a grand Regency house: ‘Adams’ has been ‘in service’ for many years and, having risen to the ‘rank’ of Butler, he explains the nature of life ‘below stairs’, the duties of servants, their living and working conditions, and all the practices/procedures employed to keep the household in good order. ‘Mr Adams’ pays particular attention to the ‘honours of the table’ – the complex processes and etiquette associated with dining; and the ‘ceremony’ associated with the taking of tea.

The presentation, which is set in the period 1811 – 1820, is supported by a very considerable range of silver, porcelain, and domestic items, and is suitable for an interior location, particularly the ‘domestic offices’ or dining room of a historic or period house. The presentation may be specifically themed to address either dining or the taking of tea. Additionally, a special Christmas-themed presentation is offered, entitled ‘An Invitation to a Georgian Christmas’.