Lecture Lunches & After Dinner

It has become increasingly popular for heritage properties to offer themed talks, or lecturers, usually, but not always, in their ‘closed season’, so as to maximise visitor attendance and/or restaurant usage. Several National Trust properties, and some independent museums, have used this approach to very good effect.

‘Select Society’ has been involved in the provision of such talks for quite some time and our experience has shown that such events prove popular at any time of the year!

Many of our ‘character interpretations’ can be adapted to provide for a costumed or ‘in-character’ talk, each supported by an extensive range of ‘props’; items and equipment relevant to the presentation.

Similarly, many of our ‘characters’ have proved to be immensely popular as ‘after dinner’ entertainment at an ever increasing range of social and corporate functions: Rotary, WI, Masonic, Probus, Historical Societies etc etc……..the list is endless!

We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you and highlight those presentations which have proved most successful for our clients. Similarly we would be pleased to supply you with details of former and current clients who may be contacted in order to obtain their opinion as to the quality of our work.

Please Note: Appearances by ‘Select Society’ are covered by a comprehensive policy of public Liability Insurance; details on request.