About Select Society

A Definition: ‘Select Society’ = the name of an exclusive club, formed in Edinburgh in 1754, as a debating society that counted many prominent and notable people and literary figures amongst it’s ranks; including James Boswell, the friend and biographer of Dr Samuel Johnson.

Now, in the 21st century, ‘Select Society’ is a company that, by employing ‘first’ and ‘third’ person presentational techniques, provides high quality ‘historical interpretation’ to educational, heritage, and commercial institutions, through a range of historically accurate characterisations.

Each characterisation is based upon the most detailed research, drawn from a comprehensive library of source materials, and is complemented by an extensive range of authentic and reproduction items; that serve to ‘set the scene’, as well as stimulate interest and curiosity.

‘Select Society’ seeks to educate, inform, and entertain, in a relaxed and enjoyable fashion and in a style that complements all manner of settings and locations: historic properties, classrooms, museums, libraries, etc.

By drawing upon their extensive historical knowledge, our interpreters are fully able to interact with their audience and communicate the very essence of what life and society was like during our nation’s most colourful history!

PLEASE NOTE: Appearances by ‘Select Society’ are covered by a comprehensive policy of Public Liability Insurance; details on request. Full CRB check held.