Robert Cratewell

‘Robert Cratewell’ – Executioner: ‘Cratewell’, the Executioner in London during the 16th century, is resplendent in black, and equipped with his ‘heading axe’, block ropes, knives, and the other ‘tools’ of his gruesome trade, ‘Cratewell’ recounts the nature of crime and punishment during turbulent times of the Tudors; when, in the 38 year reign of King Henry VIII, in excess of 72,000 people were executed!

Stories of hanging, mutilation, and decapitation are complimented by accounts of significant executions – those of principle Courtiers and, of course, two of the King’s wives. Particular attention is given to the story of Queen Anne Boleyn (executed in 1536) for which appropriate and period specific ‘props’ are used.

The presentation, which is suitable for an exterior location, is complemented by 12’ gallows (complete with ‘body’!), a pillory, and an array of period accurate items and equipment.