Gilbert Savage

Executioner: Resplendent in black, and equipped with his ‘heading axe’, block, ropes, knives, and the other ‘tools’ of his gruesome trade, ‘Gilbert Savage’ recounts the nature of crime and punishment during turbulent times in our nation’s history: of hanging, mutilation, and decapitation! The ‘Executioner’, that very necessary public ‘functionary’ has, at the direction of Court and Crown, branded, flogged, hanged, disembowelled, beheaded and mutilated offenders, from the low born to the very highest in the land; for their ‘crimes’ – crimes against property, crimes against individuals, and crimes against the very Crown itself, ……….all in the pursuit of justice!

The presentation, which is complemented by 12’ gallows (complete with ‘body’), and an array of period accurate items, is suitable for an exterior setting.