Consultancy Services

At ‘Select Society’ we have considerable ‘consultancy’ experience in relation to TV, Film, and Radio productions.

If you are in the pre-production stage of a historically themed film, TV, or radio project and need advice, assistance, or the services of someone who can aid your project, in terms of:

  • historical accuracy
  • content
  • provision  of   unusual ‘props’ or equipment
  • provision of specialist skills

Contact ‘Select Society’’ where, in particular, we ‘specialise’ in matters relating to:

  • Crime & Punishment, across a range of time periods,
  • Social, domestic, and military history of the Georgian and Regency period

We are able to provide:

  • advice on ‘scripts’ for technical and historical accuracy
  • the provision of costumed interpreters for historical events, film and TV productions
  • access to interpreters with specialist skills
  • access to a range of military and social history items (‘props’ and costume) to dress scenes and locations
  • an extensive range of detailed briefing documents, offering information on a wide variety of topics for use by production researchers/cast/crew and event promoters

In respect of social and domestic matters we are able to advise on:

  • Etiquette – forms of address, conduct & behaviour
  • Life style – fashionable society and the lower orders
  • Food and cooking – the process, equipment etc
  • The Art of Dining – how this most important of social skills was performed
  • Servants – employment, duties, conduct
  • Domestic matters – cleaning, laundry, lighting etc
  • Costume – who wore what, changes in style, fashion, accessories etc
  • Popular pursuits – card games, entertainment, pass-times, places of resort
  • Crime and Punishment – popular unrest, the ‘bloody code’, execution etc
  • Aspects of everyday life – marriage, death, transport, medicine etc
  • Fiscal matters – money, taxation, trade, agriculture
  • Words and speech – the common idiom
  • Advice on the use of items (‘props’) appropriate to the production

In respect of Military matters, we are able to advise on:

  • The Napoleonic War – the Peninsular, Waterloo
  • The British Army – Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, officers, recruiting, regiments etc
  • The life of a soldier – on campaign, conditions, uniform, equipment, rations, weapons, drill, wives, military medicine etc
  • Wellington: his life and times – command, strategy, politics, later years etc
  • Defence of the Realm – Militia, fortifications, invasion plan etc
  • Words & speech – words: social, military and vulgarian!
  • Advice on the use of items (‘props’) appropriate to the production