Public Events & Performances

At ‘Select Society’ we specialise in re-creating aspects of life through a range of historic periods and have achieved considerable experience in mounting themed presentations at numerous museums, historic houses, castles, gardens, festivals etc; as well as delivering themed talks at educational establishments and to an ever-widening range of organisations and societies.

As an established ‘supplier’ to a number of national museums, the National Trust, English Heritage, and Historic Scotland, and the Royal Household (Windsor Castle), we have appeared, in our various guises, at an ever-growing list of properties and venues whilst, in the USA, we have undertaken engagements for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the National Parks Service, and Historic Jamestown (all Virginia, USA).

Additionally, we have achieved an extensive list of ‘appearances’ at independent properties (houses, museums, heritage sites etc) and regularly undertake engagements for a number of commercial ‘event promoters’ across the UK (please view our ever growing ‘Client List’).

In broad terms, our ‘presentations’ are offered in three forms:

Exterior Setting: At a venue located on open land or the garden/grounds of a house, castle etc. Our Interpreters interact with your visitors, with the ‘presentation’ (which may be ‘housed’ in period tentage) being complemented by an extensive range of period items and furniture.

Interior Setting: At a venue within a property or building. Our Interpreters appear as if ‘in residence’ and will interact with visitors, explaining their role and activities whilst, similarly, drawing upon an extensive range of period items; ‘props’ that support the ‘presentation’.

Costumed Talks & Demonstrations: We are able to offer an extensive range of ‘presentations’; historically themed talks suitable for clubs, societies, educational establishments, and ‘after dinner’ occasions, dealing with aspects of social, domestic, and military history, across a range of historic period.

Additionally, by drawing upon our extensive wardrobe, we are able to provide an eye-catching presence at all manner of events, festivals, dinners, and corporate functions, as well as to ‘dress’ locations by utilising items from our substantial collection of silver, porcelain, furniture etc; much of which has been used in TV productions.

We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you as well as supply details of former and current clients who may be contacted for their opinion as to the quality of our work.

PLEASE NOTE: Appearances by ‘Select Society’ are covered by a comprehensive policy of public Liability Insurance; details on request.